what is asus aura sync? how to install it on my pc


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In recent years, the gaming world has gone through a transformational experience in terms of the visual spectacle it provides. RGB lighting has provided formerly static and boring-looking computer systems with brilliant and dynamic displays of colors that fascinate the senses.

ASUS is a big name among computer manufacturers, and ASUS Aura Sync is the uniform, user-friendly platform for controlling and synchronizing RGB lighting across ASUS gaming equipment. Let’s see what Asus Aura is all about, and how it works:

What is ASUS Aura Sync?

ASUS Aura Sync is the gold standard in RGB control software, providing consumers with a complete solution for transforming their gaming settings into brilliant and individualized spectacles. Aura Sync, at its heart, allows customers to control the RGB lighting on a variety of ASUS gaming products.

The program acts as a unifying factor, allowing gamers to incorporate their creativity into every facet of their gaming rig’s illumination.

  • It’s all in the UI

Aura Sync goes beyond simple lighting adjustments with an elegant UI and powerful features. It gives users the ability to create custom lighting effects, coordinate colors effortlessly, and bring life to their game surroundings. Aura Sync caters to a wide range of customization needs, whether you want a static color scheme, dynamic patterns, or immersive effects that respond to in-game events.

  • Compatibility Across ASUS Products

The capabilities of Aura Sync extend over a wide variety of ASUS devices, providing a seamless integration into various components of a gaming setup. Motherboards, graphics processing units (GPUs), peripherals such as keyboards and mice, and a variety of other gaming equipment are all compatible. This compatibility not only speeds up the customizing process but also results in a visually appealing and fascinating experience.

  • Integration into the Armoury Crate Software

Armoury Crate acts as a single management portal for numerous components of ASUS gaming systems, such as fan controls and system monitoring. ASUS Aura Sync integrates flawlessly with this software.

The integration with Armoury Crate improves user ease by offering a uniform platform for managing RGB aesthetics as well as system optimization. This combination of features means that customers can easily navigate through many parts of their gaming gear while maintaining a balance between performance and aesthetics.

Armoury Crate integration also resolved many of the Asus Aura sync not working errors, which users in the older days experienced now and then.

Getting Started with Aura Sync

Due to its huge number of features, Asus Aura Sync can be quite intimidating for a new user to dab their toes into. Here is how you get started with Aura Sync.

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A. Pairing New Devices with Aura Sync

The first step in configuring your RGB lighting is to connect your devices to Aura Sync. To guarantee a seamless integration, follow these steps:

  • Check Compatibility: Before starting, ensure your gadgets are Aura Sync compatible. On the product page or packaging, look for the “Aura Sync compatible” logo. This label ensures the best possible performance with the Aura Sync software. In many cases, hardware manufactured by other companies has developed workarounds to become compatible with Aura Sync, such as the Corsair RGB memory plugin for Asus Aura Sync.
  • Connect ROG Products: If you have a new ROG product with RGB lighting, Aura Sync is almost certainly ready to use. Since 2016, ROG products have been Aura Sync compatible, providing a hassle-free RGB experience. In case if you have encountered the Asus Aura Sync not detecting devices issue, simply uninstall and reinstall the Aura Sync program to fix this problem. 
  • Non-ASUS Products: Check the compatibility of other manufacturers’ peripherals with Aura Sync. Aura Sync-branded products allow seamless synchronization with ASUS software.

B. Checking Compatibility

  • Logo Recognition: Look at your computer devices for the ‘Aura Sync compatible’ logo. This badge serves as a compatibility assurance, showing that the device is designed to perform perfectly with ASUS Aura Sync.
  • Consult Product Documentation: If you’re unsure if a device is compatible, examine the product documentation or the manufacturer’s website for further information. Being aware of compatibility provides a trouble-free setup.

C. Ensuring Everything is Up to Date

The most recent upgrades are required for seamless integration. Make sure your system and peripherals are up to current before diving into Aura Sync:

  • Windows Update: Check for Windows updates and make sure your operating system is up to date. This aids in the resolution of any compatibility issues and guarantees the seamless operation of Aura Sync.
  • Peripheral Updates: Drivers for linked peripherals should be updated: Drivers for linked peripherals should be updated. These drivers are necessary for Aura Sync to successfully identify and synchronize. Go to the official websites of your peripheral manufacturers for the most recent driver updates.
  • Restart Your System: After installing updates, restart your system to apply the changes and allow Armoury Crate to recognize the associated peripherals seamlessly.

These procedures will build a solid basis for the Aura Sync experience, assuring compatibility, maximum software performance, and a trouble-free RGB lighting setup.

How to Install Asus Aura Sync for My Computer?

For that, you’ll need to download the program. Here’s how the Asus Aura Sync download works:

  • Visit the Aura download window here.
  • Click on the red ‘Download’ button.
  • After downloading your file, open the ‘ArmouryCrateInstallerTool’ .zip file.
  • Open the ‘ArmouryCrateInstaller’ folder.
  • Click on the ‘ArmouryCrateInstaller.exe’ file to begin the installation process.

That’s it, installing Asus Aura Sync software on your PC is as simple as that.

How to Use Asus Aura Sync?

After installing the Armoury Crate program and gaining access to the Aura features, using them is as simple as opening the program, and clicking on whichever options you want to apply.

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Aura Sync Lighting Effects

When it comes to configuring your gaming rig’s RGB lighting, ASUS Aura Sync shines. Users are presented with a variety of enticing pre-installed lighting effects within the Aura Sync interface. Each effect has been thoughtfully designed to enhance your game experience.

A. Unique Lighting Effects

While the Aura Sync offers a lot of options, some of them are more unique than others. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the standout lighting effect options on offer:

  • Static:

To produce a clean and uniform look, choose a single, static color. Ideal for those who like a simple, consistent lighting theme.

  • Breathing:

The lights pulse in time with the rhythm of breathing. Suitable for adding a dynamic yet subtle lighting impact to a variety of activities.

  • Smart:

Sync your lights with CPU temperature or utilization to provide a quick visual indicator of system stress. Without the need for extra tools, you can easily monitor the functioning of your system.

  • Adaptive Color:

Adjusts RGB lighting dynamically based on a specified area of the screen, mirroring the on-screen content. Improves the gaming experience by immersing you in the game’s color palette or dynamically reflecting desktop activity.

B. Recommendations for Different Scenarios

Not all lighting effects are the same, and ASUS Aura Sync accommodates various settings, ensuring that your lighting configuration matches your activities. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Gaming at Night:

While gaming at night, Breathing or Static effects are recommended to be utilized. These effects provide adequate visibility for gameplay while avoiding distracting bright lighting.

  • Working on the Desktop:

When it comes to working on a desktop, Adaptive Color or Smart effects are the way to go. These effects synchronize your lighting with the colors on your screen, you can promote a concentrated work atmosphere.

C. How to Create an Immersive Gaming Environment with Aura Sync

ASUS Aura Sync’s RGB lighting effects go beyond just aesthetics; they actively contribute to the immersive quality of your gaming experience. The dynamic interplay of colors and effects may improve the overall game experience by doing the following:

  • Engaging Atmosphere:

The appropriate lighting may completely affect your gaming environment, producing an engrossing setting that compliments the game’s tone.

  • Rhythmic Feedback:

Breathing and Music Sync effects give rhythmic input, synchronizing with in-game events and providing another depth of immersion to your gaming experience.

  • Personalized Gaming Setup:

Aura Sync allows players to design a gaming setup that represents their personality, preferences, and favorite game themes. To this end, Asus is not the only one providing gamers with more and more options, as third-party programs such as the Asus Aura Sync with iCUE integration provide users with more and more options for customization.

ASUS Aura Sync’s lighting effects go beyond just eye candy, actually adding to the entire game experience. Aura Sync guarantees that your RGB lighting is a vital part of the experience, whether you’re engaged in intensive gaming, working, or simply enjoying your PC.

Advanced Customization with Aura Creator

Within the ASUS Aura ecosystem, ASUS Aura Creator distinguishes out as a strong standalone program. Aura Creator, designed for those who want unrivaled control over their RGB lighting, takes customization to the next level. In contrast to normal presets, this program allows users to create custom lighting effects based on their preferences.

A. Flexibility of Aura Creator for Creating Custom Effects

Aura Creator has a plethora of tools that allow users to express their creativity. The tool provides exact control over individual lighting zones, allowing users to synchronize, sequence, and combine colors in complex ways. Aura Creator offers the versatility to bring your idea to life, whether it’s a subtle, elegant glow or a dramatic, attention-grabbing show.

  • Time-Based Customization: Dynamic lighting effects that vary over time can be programmed by users. This might feature color transitions, pulsing patterns, or a progressive change influenced by natural factors such as dawn or sunset.
  • Per-Device Customization: Aura Creator enables users to design unique lighting profiles for each connected device. This implies that the motherboard, GPU, peripherals, and other components may all have their distinct lighting schemes, giving a layer of customization to the entire setup.

B. Examples of Unique Lighting Profiles and Scenarios

Here are some lighting profiles and scenario examples to demonstrate the power of the Asus Aura Creator:

  • Ambient Gaming Setup: Create a lighting profile that responds to in-game events. For example, the RGB lighting may brighten when health is low or change colors depending on the game’s surroundings.
  • Productivity Mode: Set up a lighting system that is both peaceful and focused for work or study periods. During concentrated work hours, dim, chilly tones may predominate, changing to brighter, warmer tones during breaks.
  • Seasonal Themes: Adapt your RGB lights to the seasons. Warm, earthy colors are appropriate for fall, colorful and chilly colors for winter, and fresh, vivacious colors for spring and summer.

C. Per-Key RGB Lighting Options for Specific ASUS Laptop Models

ASUS takes customization further by enabling per-key RGB lighting with Aura Creator on select laptop models. This feature allows users to customize the illumination of each key on their laptop’s keyboard separately, allowing for a degree of customization formerly reserved for desktop settings.

  • Gaming Hotkeys: Customize the lighting of individual keys to emphasize important gaming hotkeys. WASD keys, for example, can be lit in a different hue to help gamers rapidly find the principal movement keys during intensive gaming sessions.
  • Productivity Shortcuts: Assign unique colors to keys that correspond to productivity shortcuts. This makes it simple to recognize and use individual keys for functions such as app launch or volume adjustment.
  • Aesthetic Patterns: Create visually amazing patterns or animations that ripple across the keyboard, giving an immersive visual experience whether working or playing.

Users can make their ASUS devices an extension of their personality by utilizing the sophisticated capabilities of Aura Creator, creating a one-of-a-kind lighting ambient that enriches the entire computing and gaming experience.

Seamless Integration and Infinite Personalization

The prominence of ASUS Aura Sync stems from its ability to combine different RGB parts, delivering harmony to the visual symphony of gaming setups. Aura Sync stands out as a major enabler in a world where RGB lighting is nearly ubiquitous, allowing users to easily mix numerous Asus Aura Sync-compatible devices into a coordinated, visually beautiful whole.

A. Seamless Integration of Aura Sync with Compatible Peripherals

ASUS Aura Sync’s interoperability with a broad range of ASUS products, including motherboards, graphics cards, peripherals, and components, is one of its most notable qualities. This compatibility goes outside the ASUS ecosystem, with integration support for other RGB lighting applications like MSI Mystic Light and Gigabyte RGB Fusion.

The seamless integration is not restricted to ASUS-only peripherals; it embraces goods from other manufacturers as long as they bear the “Aura Sync compatible” label. Aura Sync is a versatile choice because of its open-minded attitude, which fosters an atmosphere in which customers have the opportunity to choose the finest components for their configuration without sacrificing RGB synchronization.

As a result, many third-party companies have also developed software and plugins to take advantage of Asus Aura. One notable example is the iCUE Asus Aura sync program, which provides the ability to manipulate the lighting functionality of the Asus Aura sync-compatible motherboards.

B. Ability to Toggle RGB Lighting On and Off as Needed

While RGB lighting provides a splash of color to gaming settings, there are times when simplicity is preferable. Aura Sync understands this requirement for flexibility by allowing users to toggle RGB lighting on and off as required. This function is useful in situations where a distraction-free atmosphere is sought, such as late-night movie watching or intense gaming sessions where concentration is required.

The toggle capability is more than simply a practical convenience; it demonstrates Aura Sync’s dedication to user-centric design. It gives the user complete control over the visual atmosphere of their gaming room, letting them smoothly transition between a vivid RGB display and a streamlined, modest arrangement at the touch of a button.

Asus Aura Sync is Asus’ answer to the growing demand for RGB integration in its computing devices, and the company resoundingly delivers on that promise. Thanks to a huge number of options on offer, Aura Sync stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other notable RGB programs, and the Asus Aura Sync Razer Chroma comparisons are no longer done in jest. 

ASUS Aura Sync stays at the forefront of technology by enabling users to create an environment that not only represents their style but also enhances their gaming experience with immersive, coordinated lighting.


ASUS Aura Sync is a robust software suite that synchronizes RGB lighting across a variety of gaming devices. Aura Sync originated as a one-stop solution for establishing a visually appealing and synchronized lighting system, including everything from motherboards to GPUs, peripherals, and even third-party components.

Your gaming setup is a canvas ready to be painted with the colors of your imagination, and the possibilities for creativity are limitless. Experiment with various lighting effects, coordinate your gadgets to create a harmonious ambient, and let your setup represent your gaming personality.

ASUS Aura Sync is more than just a tool; it’s an invitation to experiment with the crossroads of technology and artistry, where your gaming station becomes an extension of your gaming character.

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