FFXIV Controller vs Keyboard Choosing the Best Input Method

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Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is a large and intriguing MMORPG with a gorgeous, immersive setting, complex storyline, and many intriguing activities that have captivated gamers worldwide.

However, one of the most important decisions an FFXIV player must make is which input technique to use. Will it be the familiarity and comfort of a controller or the standard keyboard and mouse?

If you’d rather someone inform you about the pros and cons of FFXIV Controller vs Keyboard setups based on their personal experience, you are in luck because that is exactly what we will do. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

User Interface and Main Menu

Whenever a player boots up FFXIV, they are directed to a user interface, the Main Menu. This menu has many options that lead you to play or exit the game and tweak various settings to tailor the gaming experience to your liking. Let’s see how the navigation of the user interface differs between the Mouse/Keyboard setup versus the Controller.

  • Silky-smooth Navigation of UI/Main Menu

A, keyboard and mouse setup allows you to easily traverse the user interface (UI) and main menu by clicking on any option to open or execute it.

  • Sluggish and Complicated UI Navigation

Controller users, on the other hand, face a slightly thornier journey through the UI and Main Menu, as it depends upon a cycle format used to interact with the UI. Players select the UI option they want to interact with by tapping the touchpad (on PS4 and PS5) or the Share button (with the PS4 controller on PC). While this technology provides capability, it is far less flexible than a keyboard and mouse.

Gamers used to the flexibility of straight clicking will feel the pain of being limited by the Controller’s cycle format, at least initially. In UI navigation, the keyboard’s tactile reaction and the mouse pointer’s accuracy are unmatched. Because of these inherent benefits, keyboard and mouse configurations are frequently preferred for gamers who prioritize speed and precision.

However, controllers have been meticulously designed to provide a fun and immersive experience. Many gamers have gotten used to the unusual interface of the Controller over time, discovering workarounds to deal with its restrictions.

Movement of FFXIV Controller vs Keyboard

Movement is not just a means of transportation in the fantasy realm of Final Fantasy XIV; it is also an important component of gameplay, and your experiences will be greatly influenced by how you travel Eorzea’s varied landscapes.  

  • Trusted WASD Setup

For keyboard/mouse users, character mobility is mostly accomplished using the trusty WASD keys for direction and Mouse for camera movement. This configuration enables precision control and the ability to react fast to in-game circumstances. Your character moves fluidly in reaction to your directional input, and you may control the camera with your mouse. Many players like the amount of control and reactivity this mix of input techniques provides.

  • Sluggish Camera Movement With Possible Solutions

Controller users, on the other hand, use the left stick to move the character and the right stick to alter the camera. Like the keyboard/mouse combination, this system mirrors the left hand for character control and the right for camera movement. However, some gamers consider controller camera movement slower than mouse movement.

The apparent sluggishness of controller camera movement is a sticky issue, particularly for those accustomed to the agility of a mouse-controlled camera. It is vital to remember that this emotion differs amongst players and is influenced by personal gaming preferences.

For controller-based gamers facing these problems, there are solutions to the perceived sluggishness. Interested players should go to “Main Menu > System > Control Settings” and then increase the “Camera Speed (Stick).” This parameter may change to make the controller camera movement quicker and more responsive. While this will never match the seamless camera movement of the mouse and keyboard, it may improve the controller experience and make it feel more responsive.

Targeting FFXIV Controller vs Keyboard

Targeting is an important talent in Final Fantasy XIV since it dictates which opponents or allies you engage within the game environment.

  • Click to target

For Keyboard users, targeting is as simple as clicking on the target you want to interact with. You can pick an adversary as your primary target by clicking on it or right-click to conduct attacks or begin interactions. During fast-paced confrontations, this strategy delivers pinpoint precision and enables swift modifications.

However, aiming can be difficult when choosing a certain character from a group of others in confined locations. Fortunately, FFXIV has a solution in the shape of “Target Filters,” which allows you to obscure player names, making it easier to choose the character you want when things become congested.

  • Sub-targeting system

Controller users use a distinct method of aiming based on “Tab Targeting.” Players can use this strategy to cycle between available targets by hitting a button like ‘X.’ When no NPCs or creatures are around, you may easily target your primary objective by pressing ‘X’ or ‘A.’

The “Sub-Targeting” mechanism is one of the distinctive benefits of controller targeting. This feature lets you focus on a major target while doing actions on a secondary or sub-target. As a healer, for example, you may choose a party member as your priority target and offer them an off-global heal or buff while not losing sight of your main enemy in the ongoing combat, optimizing your Green DPS Uptime.

Furthermore, controllers enable you to cycle between the party members and opponents on the screen with the D-pad, with the direction favouring targets according to whether their weapons are drawn or sheathed. This method makes it easier to navigate targets in dynamic combat situations.

  • Keyboard/Mouse’s “Mouseover” Macros

Keyboards and mice users have their unique targeting workaround known as “mouseover” macros. This allows you to use abilities on targets just by holding your mouse cursor over them, avoiding the need to click or change your target. You may simplify your gameplay experience and execute tasks quickly by developing macros that utilize mouseover capabilities.

  • Ground Targeting and AOE Abilities

The keyboard/mouse arrangement shines with its straightforward technique for ground aiming for AOE (Area of Effect) abilities. The AOE marker is immediately fixed to your mouse cursor, allowing you to click to position your AOE attack or ability precisely. This guarantees that you can quickly and accurately target the required location.

Controller users, conversely, must rely on a unique strategy for ground aiming. They utilize L1 and the joystick to decide the placement of their AOE abilities. While this approach is successful, it needs more work to locate the exact location when compared to the keyboard/mouse setup’s smooth mouse cursor control.


Your character’s talents are your arsenal in Eorzea’s treacherous landscapes. How you access and handle these powers is critical to your success in the game. This section looks into the changes in hot bars and the available ability slots between keyboard/mouse and gamepad configurations.

  • Keyboard/Mouse: A Multitude of Slots

Keyboard/mouse users enjoy the luxury of ample hot bars and ability slots, allowing them to access and manage a vast array of abilities easily. Combining keyboard keys, including Alt, Shift, and Ctrl modifiers, allows for many hot bars and slots, often totaling around 36 or more.

This vast array of slots accommodates every job’s abilities, and with a bit of key-binding magic, players can tailor their key configurations to their liking.

  • Controller: A Slight Limitation

Controller users, while incredibly versatile in many aspects, face a slight limitation regarding the number of available ability slots. The design of the Controller limits the number of accessible slots without extensive menu navigation.

The standard controller setup usually provides around 32 ability slots using both sides of the L2 and R2 buttons. While this limitation might seem restrictive initially, it’s crucial to understand that this number is more than adequate for most jobs. Only a select few jobs, such as Samurai or Astrologian, boast an extensive range of abilities, and they may find it challenging to access all their skills using a controller without some creative solutions.

  • The Issue of Limited Visibility for Controller Users

One significant issue that controller users might run into is a lack of visibility on the screen of all their actions and cooldowns. Controller users may need to explore menus or hot bars to obtain certain activities that aren’t immediately obvious, unlike keyboard/mouse users, who can see all of their skills at a look. This might break the flow of the game and influence their performance.

Many controller users employ customized hot bars to overcome the problem of restricted visibility. These hot bars enable players to assign abilities and actions to certain buttons and placements, ensuring critical skills are always available during combat.

Controller users may optimize their configurations by strategically grouping hot bars, ensuring they can access the most vital skills without requiring extensive menu navigation. This personalization lets them maximize their 32 ability slots while keeping a fluid and efficient gaming experience.

Ultimately, you can make your preferred input method work for you if you favor the multitude of ability slots provided by a keyboard/mouse configuration or the versatility and comfort provided by a controller. Customized hot bars, skill placement, and strategic organization may assist controller users in unlocking the full potential of their allotted slots and creating a smooth gameplay experience in the gorgeous world of Final Fantasy XIV.


Effective communication is essential in any MMORPG, particularly as immersive and cooperative as Final Fantasy XIV. The way you engage with other explorers may have a big influence on your game experience. In this part, we’ll look at the subtleties of in-game communication with both keyboard and controller settings.

  • Breezy In-Game Communication on a Keyboard

In-game communication is a breeze for keyboard users. They can compose messages quickly and correctly since they can access a full-sized keyboard. Press the ‘/’ key, type your message in the open box, and then press ‘Enter’ to send it. This simplified method guarantees that keyboard users may easily participate in chats, give support, and cooperate with other participants.

  • Challenges of Using the Software Keyboard on a Controller

When it comes to in-game communication, controller users confront a unique set of obstacles, particularly when utilizing the software keyboard. This on-screen keyboard requires players to use the Controller to navigate and select characters, which can be a longer and less comfortable operation when compared to typing on a conventional keyboard.

  • Recommendation: USB Keyboards for Chatting

Given the limits of a controller’s software keyboard, many gamers opt for a simple solution: USB keyboards. Connecting a USB keyboard to your game console or PC while using a controller gives you the same ease and speed as keyboard users. For individuals who use a controller configuration, this tip makes in-game communication more accessible, efficient, and less unpleasant.

Communication is the lifeblood that powers adventures and cooperation in the enthralling realm of Eorzea. There are options to overcome the hurdles and make in-game communication a pleasant and hassle-free experience, whether you choose the accuracy and speed of a keyboard or the comfort of a gamepad.

Gameplay Experience and Preferences

In Final Fantasy XIV, the decision between a keyboard/mouse and a gamepad configuration is more than simply a question of personal preference; it substantially impacts your overall gameplay experience. In this part, we’ll look at how the input method you choose can influence your adventure through the enchanted kingdoms of Eorzea.

  • Effect on Gameplay Experience

Your preferred input technique is woven into every part of your gameplay experience. Your choice can significantly influence how you interact with the game environment, from user interface interaction to combat mechanics and communication.

Keyboard/mouse users, for example, may discover that they excel at jobs demanding accuracy, such as aiming and menu navigation. Controller users may enjoy their setup’s familiarity and comfort, making it perfect for lengthy gaming sessions.

  • Personal Preferences

Choosing between a keyboard and mouse arrangement and a gamepad is largely subjective. Your playstyle, past gaming experiences, and degree of comfort with each setting determine it. Some gamers prefer the accuracy and agility of a keyboard and mouse, while others prefer controllers’ comfort and ergonomic design. The beauty of Final Fantasy XIV is that it caters to both inclinations and allows players to thrive in their preferred input mode.

What’s important to remember is that your pleasure of FFXIV should guide your selection. It’s not about taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach but tailoring your gameplay experience to your requirements and tastes. Every player should follow their personal preferences and playing style and use the input technique that works best for them. Ultimately, your travels, tales, and preferences form your Eorzean experience.



Both keyboard/mouse and gamepad configurations have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Gamers using keyboards and mice like the accuracy of direct clicking, the fluidity of camera control, and the simplicity of keyboard shortcuts.

Controller users, on the other hand, feel comfort and ease in the familiarity of their setup. The “Tab Targeting” and sub-targeting systems provide distinct benefits, and the ergonomic form of the Controller is perfect for long gaming sessions for many.

The ultimate decision between these two control schemes varies from person to person. It all depends on your playing style and gaming preferences. So, choose the input method which you are most comfortable with. Learn more about tech at Vizdeals.net

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